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Sprinting Backwards

Imagine a middle-aged overweight woman attempting to run backwards through soft sand. She’s obviously giving it everything she’s got... but even so, she’s not moving very fast.
Her face is red from exertion and maybe from crying. She falls down a lot, but she keeps getting up. The whole thing is hard to watch. It’s so awkward, and kind of embarrassing.
But even though she’s moving slow, it’s clear that she’s making progress. Inch by inch, and step by step.

Well, that’s me, and this is my journal. I share images and information about healthy food, exercise and mental health
and I talk about my own life - my victories and my struggles as I work to get physically healthy and mentally strong.

Substitute Olive Oil for Butter: Olive oil offers so much more nutrient value with no downside, unlike the alternatives.

You can substitute olive oil for butter, margarine or other oils in almost any recipe. The basic rule is to use an equal amount of olive oil if the recipe calls for vegetable oil. The variety of olive and harvest time are major factors affecting the flavour of olive oil. If you want to replace butter with olive oil, to use in baking or on delicately flavoured foods, you don’t want an olive oil that is described as “grassy, peppery, or pungent”. An olive oil described as “smooth, mellow, and buttery” is what you’re looking for and these fit the bill.

(from Amazing Olive Oil.com)